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It is 4th of July! The holidays can’t be completed without the presence of beer, it is safe to say that beer is one of the most popular drinks of all time. It easily is one of the most consumed drinks in the world trailing to water and tea. It has been a drink that is around us from the past 5000 years, which makes it the oldest alcoholic drink in totality. With a history as long and as rich as beer has held, it makes sense about talking about the best beers present.

Below is the list of some of the best beers present around the world:

New Belgium La Folie 2018

This beer is the beautiful evolution of New Belgium’s groundbreaking sour-beer program and was taken aback at the deep complexity that the rich malt provides this bellwether of American sour beer. The arc that La Folie has followed, from corked-and-caged and bottle-conditioned 750s to pasteurized and capped 22 oz bottles and now back to corked-and-caged and bottle-conditioned 375s, is an interesting one, and this innovative vintage feels like a homecoming in many ways—one, though, that’s informed by all the life experience they’ve gained along the way.

In an era where most brewers and consumers have skewed toward pale and golden sours, La Folie 2018 is a reminder that malt matters, and the dark currant and dried-cherry notes from the fermentation perfectly complement the toasty bread crust and mocha coffee of the malt. The result is a beer that’s plain yet crisp, with a bright acidity and lingering notes of tart fruit and woodsy funk. The blend is masterful, as always, and the living beer should continue to develop in interesting ways for a few years to come.

Weihenstephaner and Sierra Nevada Braupakt

The two breweries have had an outstanding legacy, Weihenstephan claims the title of the “world’s oldest brewery,” while Sierra Nevada was one of the initiators of America’s craft beer movement when Ken Grossman founded it in 1980. Now, in 2019, the two heavyweights have teamed up for a beer that hybridizes what each does best.

The beer is slightly darker in color than the sunny hue one would expect, the beer nonetheless gives off hefeweizen’s signature aromas: lots of clove up front (from the yeast), a little bit of lemon pith (from the wheat), and a restrained bubblegum and black pepper note underneath it all (again from the yeast).

When two of the world’s best breweries get together for a collaboration, there’s an unbelievable amount of pressure to score a perfect 10. In the case of Braupakt, a hefeweizen made by Weihenstephaner and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. that was released earlier this year as a limited offering, the needle was pushed to 11. German precision and American inventiveness brought forth this sublime hefeweizen that, yes, offers up the notes of banana and clove that we’d expect, but also adds in touches of warm ripe orange, dried apricot, and fresh white peach.

The Answer Brewpub 3 Scoops

The Answer Brewpub is an unfermented beer, The Answer has been unapologetic about their approach, going so far as to design crowler labels that look like bombs with a ticking timer on them to underscore the “drink fresh, keep cold” message, to other brewers, this approach is an anathema. The Answer Brewpub is the Andrew W.K. of breweries, encouraging consumers to forget strictures and get-togethers and just party. Fun, not fussy. Over-the-top and no nuisance.

These fruit beers push the legal limits of fruit content and require refrigeration or else the crowlers burst their seams. The intensity of flavor is unquestionable. The beers express exactly what they promise on the label description. And when people consider them as beverages, without expectations for what beer should be, they deliver a surprisingly complex blend of intense fruit flavors. They expand the idea of what beer could actually be, and for that, they are worth recognition.

Fort George Brewery 3-way IPA

The beer name explains the concept that three breweries collaborated on an IPA, which is then brewed not just as a one-off batch but as a major production brew for the brewery. The process is intense, as collaborated beers go—seven or eight test batches on the 10 hl pub system at Fort George are typical before they forward it into full-scale production, and by the end of 3-Way season, Fort George produces more than 3,000 bbls of it this is a larger amount of beer than some of their collaboration partners produce in an entire year.

Modern Times and Holy Mountain pushes kiwi and litchi fruit over a bed of resinous pine and a refreshing bitterness that sneaks through to clear the palate in the softest and most gentle way. It’s the beer for which one could stand in lines for hours, if they had to stand in line, but no one has to stand there, because the brewery makes ample of it.

Suarez Family Brewery Palatine Pils

Great beer takes time to make. Dan Suarez, the brewer behind the brewery, cares about the time required to make the beer right and they try to show this in everything they make, including their Pilsner, which was released after it was fully ready.

When it’s ready to serve, they take their time pouring at the brewery, serving each glass with a cloud of puffy foam rising above the rim. It’s so appealing that it’s almost a shame to drink it, but oh, when people do drink it, it sparkles. Palatine is among the finest small-batch German-style Pilsners being made in America today. Unfiltered but golden, clear, and bright, many folks tend to do when making the style today. Its greatness is its simplicity and the ability to let all of the ingredients shine equally.

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