Curly Bangs- Trendy Hairstyle For 2019

For too long, bangs have appeared like one of those hairstyles that were kept aside for the straight-haired people or people with a lot of free time to blow-dry their bangs straight. But if stars like Natasha Lyonne and Sandra Oh have shown us anything over the past few months, it’s that the curly bangs are absolutely cool and trendy to try.

Marcel Dagenais, the hairstylist responsible for Lyonne’s “Russian Doll” tresses, said that, she thinks because the contemporary woman doesn’t like spending a lot of time on their hair, hence curly bangs, could be the solution to them. Her experience working with women is that they want to embrace their natural texture so they’re not stuck under a blow-dryer or a slave to the flat iron. She thinks it’s just kind of embracing what people actually have in them. She added.

If people are curious about trying the trend for themselves, there are a few things to keep in mind before they head towards the salon.

According to Ted Gibson, the hairstylist who gave Oh her glorious bangs, said that, it all starts with the consultation, which he said is one of the most important things in order to make sure that you and your stylist are on the same page.

When people ask for curly bangs, Gibson said, they should tell their stylist to not cut them blunt. People should make sure that they have different lengths in them, he also added that, it should be more graduated or layered, not a blunt line across people’s face.

Dagenais also recommended asking for fringe that’s a little bit on the longer side and hits below the brow.

With curls, the hair does shrink up, and Gibson thinks that, a big mistake a lot of hairstylists make these days is that, they cut them too short and then all of a sudden people have a little weird animal on their forehead, adding that keeping the hair a little longer allows it to actually curl.

The key for making the style work, is letting it completely air dry, and then to go on the details with a curling iron or whatever. One could also use a diffuser if they are facing a time crunch.

Gibson’s go-to products for achieving the textured look are Oribe’s Super Shine Light moisturizing cream and Hairstory’s Hair Balm. He mixes equal amounts of each of the products to make about a quarter-sized splotch on his palm before applying it to the hair.

Mixing that together and kind of scrunching it into the bangs and the rest of the hair, would give them the desired look without any hassle. The products would also help in hair curls and settling into a nice curl pattern without being too frizzy and fuzzy.

Both stylists agreed that almost anyone could rock the curly bangs, despite of the shape of face or hair texture, although Dagenais did point out that, it will require quite a bit of styling if people have naturally straight hair. For those who are naturally curly, it is definitely going to be a smooth ride for them, and a little more low maintenance too. That being said, people should go for frequent trims every couple of weeks if they want to maintain the style, Gibson added.

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