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Updated: Jun 19, 2019

As winters are approaching its ends, the focus of ours will soon shift from indoors to outdoors. So, now would be a good time to take a critical look at some of the often ignored details inside the home. If something is looking old and shabby, replacing it with something new would give the house a lift. Give your home a decor change this season.

Famous interior designer Lauren Liess shares some insights on how to re-decorate the house and when asked about the items to be substituted, she had few on her list.

  • Bath Towels: One might think that towels last forever but they certainly do not, many prefer white towels but the quality of water doesn’t allow the white towels to stay white for long. Every once in a while we have to strike out the towels that look discolored or tattered. Replace them with Turkish bath towels, as they are thick and hold up well.

  • Bed pillows: We could easily forget about the pillows, but they also need to be regularly examined at least every other year, because they get flattened and stained and with children around, the vulnerability to get stains increases. One has to regularly buy replacements filled with down or synthetic down.

  • Doormats: Doormat is the first welcome to the guests that arrive at our homes, a fresh mat is always a good way to provide the house with some curb appeal. The damp conditions during this winter might have given the mat a workout. Coir mats are the choice of experts for the replacement of old mats, the polished braided edge provide the mats with appropriate thickness and prevent them from getting soggy at once.

  • Hand towels: Hand towels come in daily use, but being a small commodity in the house, it is most likely to get ignored. People use them in kitchen, powder room and many other places, doing a tough job all day i.e. drying out hands, leaves the towel worn out and damp. Hence, replacing them once in a while is a good idea. Keep regular checks on the hand towels and replace the ones which get worn out or stained.

  • House plants: As summers are approaching, giving a touch of green to your home would be a good idea, with the end of winters, many plants might have withered out because of the hot and humid conditions, replacing them with asparagus ferns and foxtails would provide the home with the subtle touch of green in the home that would be a treat for the eyes.

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