Environment: Are we degrading our own home?

Life has been on the planet earth for ages. Billions of people are spending their life in a socialized way which is making the life comfortable than ever before for the humans.

Thousands of year ago, people were mere hunter and gatherer, which now have developed into a sophisticated and intellectual, who claim to know what they are doing.

When trees were cut for the first time to make agricultural field and then to massive building, it was seen as a development. But as they say, excess of anything is bad, and cutting of tress is not an exception.

As the population of humans are growing at a rapid pace, their basic need are increasing. The worst part is that for any kind of development we need to cut tress, which is the balancing force for our survival.

The amount of greenhouse gas in the environment is increasing and if there is one way to check the rapid growth of these gas then it is plant more tress.

Even though people are aware of the fact that we are degrading our environment, people are not doing anything to contribute their part in the environment.

We are seeing that the polar ice caps are melting at a pace like never before, the temperature of the earth has increased, the sea-level are rising, forest area are decreasing and many species of plant and animals have extinct and many are on the verge of extinction.

We are not the only animals on the earth

A bird in the forest

Looking at the way humans are behaving, it seems that we have forgotten that we are not the only animal on earth. There are more than 391,000 species of plant on earth but what is more interesting is that there are around 8.7 million species of animals on earth. What we need to understand that all other animals than the human requires tress and other natural habitat to live.

But what we are doing?

We are cutting the tress, we are throwing huge number of plastic in the water, we are producing huge amount of smoke that is polluting the air.

The result is that hundreds and thousands of birds are dying every day because they do not have proper place to live, because everywhere humans are interfering. Eating of plastic from the waste are another reason thousands of birds and animals die every month.

What is happening around the world?

Smokes coming out of Amazon Forest Fire

In a recent event, we have seen that the Amazon Forest has been burning for days before our eyes fell on the catastrophe. What is more discouraging than the fact that it took us days to realize the heart of earth is burning, the after research has found that the fire was man-made. People have done this before, setting fire in the jungle to clear land for agriculture purposes.

The latest news is that there is again fire in the Chiquitano Forest, Eastern Bolivia. The forest is burning same as the Amazon and apart from some fire fighter, no one is even bothered to talk about the issue. However, their spades and sprays are not sufficient for the inferno.

In Mumbai, one of the most populated and developed cities in India, protest are going between the environment activist and the Metro authority. As per the reports, 2700 trees are needed to cut down in order to make the car-shade for the metro station. Both sides have their point, while it is important to complete the metro project due to various reason, is it worth cutting 2700 trees to reduce the smoke caused by cars on the road, which is expected to lower after the metro is completed.

What can we do?

Greta Thunberg; what stated as one woman show has nearly 4 million follower now

Amid this huge debate on the environment, few people are there who are not only speaking, but are also working toward the same. The actions of these people are creating an impact and the large following of these people is a proof that many people on the earth are aware of the problem and they are ready to work toward it, only if someone shows them the right direction.

One such name that has become global in just one year is Greta Thunberg. A 16-year old Swedish teenager, who had started her first strike outside her national parliament last year has become a world-wide name in just one year. She is seen as the stimulus of what is called a “School Strike for Climate”. According to her, we all need to take day from our live and work for the betterment of environment. The ripple that she has created has now taken the world under its circumference and many people from different countries of the world are supporting her. Every Friday she takes leave from her school to protest for the environment. Her Friday protest has become so huge that on 27th September saw one of the biggest mass movement since ages. The steps taken by Greta has inspired students of many other countries all over the world. She spoke at the New York last Friday and the eyes of the world are now on the member of UN for their reaction. It is estimated that nearly 4 million people has taken part in the march and it is counting. Believe it or not, it is satisfying to see such following that she has gained in just one and a half month. She has also been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

This is just an example how one human being can create something so big if it is done for the right cause. Obviously, everyone cannot be Greta Thunberg, but we all can at least do our share to save the environment. Not only this, we need to make other too, aware of the problems and the dark consequence that are evident to follow.

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