How To Choose Self Storage Space

When you are relocating, downsizing the home or planning to go abroad for a while, it is obviously necessary to find some self storage space to store some or all of your belongings until its time to reclaim your things and settle down. However, the question is- how much space one actually needs to effectively store all the belongings.

It is essential to calculate exactly how large a cargo space unit has to be to hold all the stuff. People who move in their belongings without estimating the size of unit needed often end up discovering that the units are either too small or too large for their needs. Both situations can be a problem.

If the rented space is too small, it may be necessary to upgrade the storage units boca raton, since the rented space will be not be able to accommodate all the belongings. On the other hand, if the space is too large, one will have to pay for all the unused space. It would obviously be a waste of money.

Basic Unit Sizes Available

The size of safekeeping unit available will vary from one company to another. However, there are some basic unit sizes offered for rent. If an inventory of belongings is brought along, most facilities offer valuable suggestions to customers regarding the right size of space he or she has to rent.

Here are the basic sizes of space available at most facilities

5×5 feet unit

This unit is almost like a compact, walk-in closet. It is ideal for storing whatever one would normally store in attics – seasonal items, pool toys, winter clothing, surfboards, boxes, toys and other household or office items.

5×10 feet unit

This unit may be compared to a large closet. It can accommodate a couple of large items like a dresser, couch or mattress plus a few boxes. Bikes, patio furniture, lawn mowers or yard equipment may also be stored in this unit.

5×15 feet unit

A unit of this size offers enough space to accommodate the entire contents of a one-bedroom apartment or a studio.

10×10 feet unit

This unit offers as much space as a standard, single-car garage. It can hold the contents of a 2-bedroom apartment. The space is also large enough to hold a vehicle or a small boat. Keep in mind that outdoor entry offers easier access.

10×15 feet unit

This large unit is more spacious than a single-car garage. So, this space is ideal for holding the entire contents of a 3-bedroom home in addition to things like exercise equipment and motorcycles.

10×20 feet unit

This sprawling unit is almost as large as a double car garage. It can easily accommodate all the contents of a 3-bedroom home – even if the residents have lots of stuff. It can also be used to hold a boat, truck, car or RV in addition to some boxes and furniture. This storeroom is ideal for families that have four or more members.

This list of unit sizes is simply a guideline to help customers choose the right space for their needs. To get a better estimate, it would be a good idea to consult the storehouse manager, provide him with the list of things you plan to store, and then seek his opinion on what would be the appropriate unit size.

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