Notre Dame Cathedral Fire: All You Need To Know

A fire broke out at the iconic cathedral of Notre Dame and caused extensive damage to it. The world was stunned as they saw the 12th-century Gothic church burn into flames.

French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to restore the iconic structure within 5 years despite the colossal damages it has suffered. The Foundation for French Heritage has launched an international fundraising campaign to rebuild Notre Dame; In total, reports say that the cathedral has received more than $700 million in pledges, including two French billionaires who pledged 300 million Euros to help rebuild.

An investigation was carried out after the fire department dealt with the fire, it came out that, the fire was an accident, ruling out combustible and terror-related motives, and they believe that the fire began in the attic or roof of the building. At least 50 people are currently working on the investigation into the fire.

Le Bras Freres an organization that is involved in the restoration of the cathedral, said that, they are working with the investigators to help them in their findings. Julian Le Bras the owner of the organizations has reportedly said that, none of the workers involved in the restoration were at the site when the fire broke out. Investigators have started questioning witnesses and 15 construction workers who were at the site on Monday.

No one was reported dead in the blaze, but, one fire fighter and 2 policemen were injured. 500 firefighters dealt with the blaze and then they were joined by another 500 by midnight. The citizens acknowledged the efforts of the firefighters and said that, they saved the cathedral at the risk of their own lives.

What has lost?

The fire started around 6:50 p.m and spread quickly to the cathedral’s 315 foot oak spire. The spire was constructed in 1859 during a renovation led by the then architect Viollet-le-Duc. At its base there were copper statues of 12 apostles and four evangelists, at its summit a metal rooster that sheltered three relics. It’s almost certain that the rooster and three relics are lost, but the copper statues were removed from the roof for cleaning last week which unintentionally saved them from burning to ashes.

The medieval wooden interior suffered heavy damage, almost 75% of roof has been turned to ashes due to the blaze, the intricate wooden latticework fueled the fire on the roof, which made extinguishing the fire difficult.

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