Top 10 Artistic City of the World

Whether its street art or incredible architecture, whether its painting or music, when it comes to art, some cities are just outstanding. It doesn’t matter that you are a fan of classical European art or the avant-garde modern pieces, these cities will check your creative thinking to the best. Art lover spent days searching for the best around the world, and if you are one of those whose soul satisfies only when your eyes are placed on some incredible masterpiece then these are the places for you. We have compiled that list of the top 10 places of the world that offers its visitors the orgasm of artistic pleasure.

Paris, France

There cannot be any other city than the city of light on the top of list. The French capital, which is also called the most romantic city of the world is filled with more than 1000 museums and art galleries across its streets. Housing The Louvre, perhaps one of the largest and most famous museum of the world, Paris is a paradise for the art lover. The Louvre alone consist more than 35000 antiques by world famous artists which will keep anyone busy for days. In fact, it has been said that it will take nine months to complete witness everything that is kept there, and keep in mind that you are not allowed to spend much time praising The Mona Lisa, arguably the best work of Leonardo da Vinci.

Rome, Italy

The Colosseum, Rome

There are few cities in the world that has the capability to rival Rome’s artistic treasure. One of the most ancient cities of the world, Rome possesses some of the gem of artistic beauty of the world. With ancient iconic architecture such as Colosseum, Roman Forum and Pantheon, it proves that Rome has creative thinking even in the ancient times. From ancient statues to world class museums such as Byzantine mosaics and Renaissance frescoes, the city overwhelms the art lover with its creativeness. If you are still not satisfied, visit the historic churches to soothe your artistic mind.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin has always been high on artistic beauty, thanks to the creative thinking of the people of Berlin who have always strived to amaze the world with its incredible avant-garde intellect. In addition to the immensely popular architecture, Berlin’s theatre, opera and different concerts have made the city popular all across the world. The city has a thought provoking culture which has resulted in some of the most famous and creative mind in the history of the world and has produced personality like Einstein, Marx and even Hitler. Walk along the Berlin wall or spend some time at the Prussian Palace to witness the marvelous artistic treasure of the city.

Florence, Italy

If you love Renaissance art, then there is no better place to quench your thirst than Florence. The city houses some of the best artistic masterpieces that has been ever created. Visit one of the oldest museums of the world, Galleria degli Uffizi where you can see masterpieces like Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Raphael’s Madonna of the Goldfinch. Although Renaissance is the most famous, it is not the only thing that you will find here. Fans of contemporary art can spend time at the Florence’s Centro di Cultura Contemporanea Strozzina. The museums will let you witness the works of some of the great Italian artists as well as other renowned artists of the world.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona houses the artistic treasure that goes over the span of over 2000 years. The amazing thing about Barcelona is that you don’t even need to visit the museums to witness the incredible amazing historic creations. However, art lover will find this place as the mecca of all the artistic places in the world. The city has seen some of the world’s best artist like Pablo Picasso and John Miro and the visitor can witness the incredible work of these famous artists in the museums which are dedicated exclusively to their works. Visit Museu Picasso and then spend some time at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, which houses some of the fantastic works of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque. There are many other galleries that are younger than these but cannot be missed.

Vienna, Austria

When it comes to artistic place in the world, you cannot afford to miss Vienna. No doubt, it is Europe’s one of major artistic destination and quiet famous all across the world. There has been some significant works during the Habsburg rule, which has been placed on display in various museums across the city. A visit to Leopold Museum and Museum Moderner Kunst, which is the museum of modern art will take you on the tour of contemporary art. While visiting the Kunsthistorisches Museum will show you the works of many of the Europe’s most famous artists of all time.

New York City

New York City probably has the most number of museums in the world. With some great architecture, the city is filled with amazing artistic gems that can keep even the experts of art busy for days. With world famous museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the art lover get to witness a lot. Guggenheim Museum, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is a work of art itself. Apart from these, there are many other museums in the city that will let you sneak peek in to the artistic world. And between moving from one museum to another, do not forget to take a glimpse of the amazing street art of the city.

London, UK

The best thing about London is that it offers something to every kind of art lover. Whether you like modern art, contemporary art, classic or something else, London has everything for you. Another good thing about the museums of London is that they are run by the government and have free entry. Tate Modern, which is the most visited modern art gallery in the modern, offers some incredible modern and contemporary art works. Other museums in the city include National Gallery and British Museum. And if you are done with the indoor art, spend some time under the sky and witness the architecture beauty of the city.

San Francisco

With de Young as the favourite place for the art lover, there are many other museums in the city that will take days to explore to the fullest. Stroll through the city while witnessing the incredible the street art to reach the famous San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The museums of the city houses some of the famous paintings of the American artists. For a different experience of the art, visit the Mission District, which is an outdoor art gallery in itself.

Hong Kong

Last but not the least, Hong Kong is one of Asian fastest growing place. Even though Hong Kong is still collecting its artistic unique by opening many new museums within its boundaries, this is a place where the art lover should keep their eyes on. The city has an ambitious project of opening M+, a museums which is going to give tough competition to the museums of London and New York. However, apart from the growing number of museums, there are many other places to visit that will show the amazing artistic work of Hong Kong.

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